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Zerona Laser

Belfair Chiropractic Center Now Offers Erchonia’s Zerona Laser for Non Invasive Fat Reduction FDA-approved, non-invasive, pain-free body contouring with results in just six visits.

Belfair Chiropractic Center is now accepting appointments for Erchonia’s FDA-approved Zerona laser treatment for the safe and effective non-invasive circumferential reduction of the waist, hips and thighs.

The Zerona emits neither heat nor cold—in fact, you can’t even feel it. The Zerona laser creates a pore in fat cells, fat leaks out and the fat is then processed by the body as waste. The cell is not destroyed and can still secrete beneficial hormones.

During a double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-site clinical trial, patients treated with the Zerona laser lost an average of 3.65 inches from their waists, hips and thighs without any dietary changes, exercise requirements or supplements.

Dr. Scott comments, “Zerona is the future of effective body contouring without surgery. We are delighted to offer our patients a non-invasive body-contouring option with impressive, proven results. Patients can continue their daily routines immediately following a Zerona treatment, and there is no downtime, pain or negative side effects associated whatsoever.”

For best results, Dr. Scott recommends six Zerona treatments, one forty-minute treatment 1-2 times/week.

Zerona laserAbout Erchonia

Erchonia is the global leader in low level laser healthcare applications. Over the last 15 years Erchonia has been conducting research and development with the world’s leading physicians to advance the science of low level lasers. Prior to market introduction, all Erchonia lasers are proven safe and effective through independent clinical trials. Currently thousands of Erchonia’s lasers are used daily to reduce body fat and cellulite, eliminate pain, and treat acne. For additional information, visit

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For more information or to book a Zerona consultation, please visit or call (360)-275-4411.
For more information on the Zerona laser, please visit

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